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There’s nothing like hanging out in a chill environment with friends who care about the same things you do. And if you want to take steps towards Jesus, you need people in your life who can walk with you.

YouthCrossing (grades 6-12) matches you with students your age at a house near one of our campuses. We hang out, have a great time, and learn more about God in a low-pressure, engaging way.

All of our groups come equipped with a qualified and caring adult leader. They know how to get you past that awkward feeling of being somewhere new for the first time.

So when you show up at a house IRL, you’ll feel comfortable fast. You’ll even learn the secret handshake (just kidding, we won’t be shaking hands).


Here’s how to plug-in

  • Find your people

    We’ll set you up with a group meeting near your campus. Share your details, and we’ll be in touch.

    Find Your Group
    Find your people
  • Come Hang Out

    When you show up, someone will greet you and help you figure out how the evening will flow. You’ll grab a snack, get in on a game, and start meeting others your age.

    Come Hang Out
  • Watch the Latest Video

    Tune in to our latest YC video which is chock-full of thought-provoking conversation about God and life.
    (Check out some of our latest content.)

    Watch the Latest Video
  • Talk about what you heard

    Finally, your leader will guide the group through an honest discussion about the video. We can be silly, but we’re not afraid to go deep either. We just want to be real.

    Talk about what you heard
  • What do you say?

    Are you in?

    YC Home Groups are low-key, lots of fun, and all about helping you get closer to God. We want to meet you in real life. How about you?

    Find Your Group

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